Introducing: Head & Hands!

bilingual_horizontal_enThe Organizing Committee has selected Head and Hands to be the beneficiary of this year’s Christie Bike Ride! We are very excited to be working with them and hope you’ll take a minute to read what they have to say about themselves:

Head & Hands is a non-profit community organization that offers a broad range of health, social and legal services for youth aged 12-25 in Montreal. Our mission is to work with youth to promote their physical and mental well-being. Our approach is preventative, inclusive, non-judgmental, and holistic, with a fundamental commitment to providing an environment that welcomes youth without discrimination. We facilitate social change and the empowerment of youth based on their current needs within our community and society at large.

Legal services at Head & Hands provide youth with access to legal information, accompaniments, and advice at low to no personal cost. Our legal coordinator is available to help youth aged 12-25, and people over 25 can seek advice from volunteer lawyers at our twice-weekly legal clinics. We also run workshops on a variety of legal issues to help Montreal youth know their rights. Last year, the support services offered by our legal coordinator were accessed 195 times, and volunteer lawyers provided legal counsel to 320 clients during our twice-weekly clinics.

We believe that all people are entitled to know their rights and to access information about the laws under which they live, despite barriers including racism, poverty, and age. We are committed to making social services an integral part of social change. Our legal services aim to reduce youth’s experiences of exploitation and negative legal outcomes, to offer free legal information for youth and families with low or no income, and to improve the well-being of our community.


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