Christie Ride: Copenhagen Edition

While 4Ls Jason Davidson, Fraser Harland, and Claire Boychuk are loving their exchange semester in Copenhagen, they were sad to miss the Christie Bike Ride this year. To make up for it, they cycled 50km along the Danish seaside and countryside on the day of the ride. “The spirit of the ride transcends borders,” former Christie Ride organizer Harland noted, “and we’d like to congratulate all the participants for raising an amazing amount of money for a well-deserving organization.”


2016 Ride photos!

Dear cyclists and lovers of justice,

Nous aimerions vous remercier du fond du cœur pour avoir appuyé et participé à la 8e Christie Community Bike Ride ce dimanche. Nous n’aurions pu demander un meilleur groupe ni une plus belle journée. In the end, we collectively raised $5,323 for the Mile End Legal Clinic and should all be proud. Keep in mind that the fundraising campaign ends October 1st and the online donation page will remain open until then. This year’s top two fundraisers were Roger Bill with $1175 and Farid Muttalib with $940 – thank you!

So many people made the ride possible— Mother Nature; Dean Leckey; the LSA; our two volunteers Jan and Peter; mechanics Dom and John; Jake Heyka (who let us into the Faculty so we could pee!); Alec Angle (who spent his day in the car so we all could ride); and Leah Hughes, who led a great yoga class. Nous aimerions aussi remercier la directrice générale de la Clinique juridique du Mile End, Leslie Ning, ainsi que le membre du conseil Allen Mendelsohn pour avoir introduit l’évènement et pour s’être promenés avec nous cette année. One final thank you goes to Elizabeth Lougheed who provided car and Costco membership this year—you’re all the best!

Thanks again for making the ride a success and hope to see you next year!

Ride safe,

Ailsa, Dave, Oksana and Mark.

Here we go! CBR 2016

Hey, bikers!

Your Christie Bike Ride Team here again with some day-of information for the Ride!

Tout d’abord, l’évènement est DEMAIN, DIMANCHE LE 25 SEPTEMBER! On espère que vous avez tous hâte!

Please arrive at the McGill Faculty of Law at 9:00 a.m. It might sound early, but there will be coffee waiting for you to compensate. Leslie Ning, the Executive Director of the Mile End Legal Clinic, will be giving a brief welcome and introduction to this year’s recipient organization.

We are aiming to leave around 9:30 a.m. Please arrive on time in the morning; we will leave without you – justice waits for no one.

Once your organizers have done a final route test (happening now), we will send out a route map via email. Nous aurons des copies du plan disponible le matin, à l’évènement.

We will likely be back by mid-afternoon. If that sounds like a lot of cycling to you, have no fear: we will be stopping for a relaxed lunch, some optional yoga, and mandatory fun along the way.

Lunch is on us! There will be vegetarian and gluten free options. Meat options will be poultry-style, non-pork – though not strictly kosher or halal. If you have any specific dietary restrictions that you did not list on the form, please advise us A.S.A.P.

À ne pas oublier:

  • If you have not already paid your $20 registration donation, please bring cash to the event! If you have collected donations from others, we will collect them from you at the event as well.
  • Don’t forget your water bottle! In addition, we would like to minimize waste as much as possible, so it would be great if everyone brought a set of cutlery and a container for lunch.
  • Looks like we are in for some beautiful weather! That being said you should expect a cool morning, so dress appropriately – layers are your friends!
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen are always a good idea.
  • DON’T FORGET YOUR HELMET and your water bottle!

Pour tous ceux et celles qui louent une bicyclette, un petit rappel que vous devez ramasser votre bicyclette AUJOURD’HUI, samedi le 24 septembre à 16h30 (4:30 p.m.). Je vous rencontrai à la Bicycletterie JR sur Rachel à ce temps là. Please let me know if you will not be there!



The Christie Bike Ride Team

Christie Community Bike Ride 2016

Register today for the September 25 community ride, starting from the McGill Law Faculty! Click right here for registration, ou utilisez le menu ci-dessus!

This year, we’ll be raising funds for the la Clinique juridique du Mile End, un réseau d’avocats et d’étudiants en droit dédiés à rendre la justice plus accessible aux citoyens!

You can donate today by clicking the links below, or bring cash on the day of the event!




Christie Community Bike Ride 2015!

We are very excited to announce this year’s partner for the Christie Community Bike Ride: Action Réfugiés Montréal’s (ARM). All the funds raised will be donated to this wonderful organization that is actively improving the lives of some of our community’s most vulnerable individuals.

ARM offers relevant, accurate and understandable legal information to detained persons, helping them understand Canada Border Security Agency detention, investigations and removals processes, the Immigration and Refugee detention review proceedings, the refugee claim process and other legal procedures. They offer information over the phone and in person twice a week at the Holding Centre, being the only NGO with access to detainees inside the Centre. ARM also accompanies many detainees to their detention review hearings in order to provide a more in-depth case follow-up. L’organisme aide ainsi les personnes détenues à comprendre et naviguer les processus auxquels ils sont confrontés, et à y faire valoir leurs droits. ARM facilite aussi l’accès des personnes détenues aux services d’un.e avocat.e, et offre de l’information juridique pour aider ceux qui doivent se représenter seuls. ARM ne reçoit aucun financement public pour son Programme de détention, qui dépend de donneurs privés. Nous vous invitons à consulter le site web de l’organisme pour davantage de renseignements (

Action Réfugiés Montréal’s strong voice for refugees in Montréal and their work towards compassion and justice for refugees resonates with the spirit of Dugald Christie’s mission. This organization is helping to make the legal world more accessible and to empower one of Montreal’s marginalized populations. We are proud to help them in this worthy undertaking and hope you that will join us!

We Raised over $5,800 (and counting)!


Thanks to everyone who made this year’s ride possible. We are still tallying up the numbers, but it looks as though we will be cutting the Tyndale Clinic a cheque exceeding $5,800! Special thanks to top fundraiser Thomas Chalmers, who brought in more than $2,000 in donations. Stay tuned for official numbers, which we will be publishing in the next edition of the Quid.


The Christie Bike Ride Organizing Committee

2014 Registration Open!


2014 registration is now open! We are very excited to announce that this year’s beneficiary will be the Tyndale Clinic. The Clinic offers legal consultations, primarily to citizens living in the community of Little Burgundy. Me Colin Irving conducted the legal consultations at the Tyndale Clinic before he passed away in 2013. The Mile End Legal Clinic has since continued his work.

Click here for information on this year’s ride, and click here to register!

Merci & Félicitations!

Nous tenons à vous remercier tous et toutes!


Thanks to the generous donations of our 60 riders and your active pursuit of other donors, we were able to raise over $4800 for Head & Hands! Special recognition must be given to Thomas Chalmers who raised over $1700!

Malgré le fait que notre randonnée soit terminée, il reste beaucoup de chemin à faire pour l’accès à la justice. On espère que notre randonnée vous inspira à réaffirmer votre engagement dans cet effort essentiel. Si vous vouliez avoir plus de renseignements sur la possibilité de vous impliquer au sein de la communauté montréalaise ou dans l’organisation de la prochaine CBR, faites-nous signe!

All the best,
Katie, Alain & Olga