1. If you don’t have a bike:
Register ASAP, make sure to indicate it in the Registration Form and give us your height – we will contact you.

2. Nervous about riding 50km?
Don’t be! Many past participants had hardly ever ridden a bike and we have riding groups that vary between “very slow” to “very fast”. Everyone was able to finish the Ride and if you’re still worried, we’ll have cars standing by in case of an emergency.

3. What to bring the day of the Ride:

– Bike
– Water
– Sunscreen
– Snacks

4. Questions on donations?
Every year the event raises funds for an access to justice group. This year, the recipient organization is the Mile End Legal Clinic.

Just to be clear: we will be collecting the cheque and cash donations the day of the Ride. If you donate online, just let us know the amount you were able to raise the morning of the Ride at the registration table.

5. Questions or comments?
We’d love to hear from you! Send an e-mail to: christiebikeride@gmail.com

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